4 ways I can save you at least 10 hours each week

Imagine how you could grow your business with 600 extra minutes, not that I'm counting...


1 / QuickBooks

Let us help you get set up correctly right from the start. Learn how to use QuickBooks correctly from the start and save yourself hours of frustration - often for a fraction of the cost of most QuickBooks classes that cover features you'll never use. Let us provide specific training on the features you will actually use for your specific business.


3 / forensic accounting

Utilize our investigative skills to help uncover fraud, embezzlement, potential data corruption, and other issues that may be hidden deep in your database. We can also reconstruct your books and records to get even those “messy” accounting situations “unraveled” and recorded correctly.


recent reviews on chaos management

"I give Karen Piasecki the highest, and I do mean highest ratings."

"She knows her business but she's also a pleasure to work with. She took a convoluted mess and cleaned it up, all the while teaching me what I needed to do to keep it from getting that way again. I truly loved her as a professional and as a person. She's quick, positive and knows what she's doing. You can't go wrong with Karen." 


"The BEST, we couldn't do it without Karen"

"Where do we start about Karen. Karen is easy to work with because she has a wonderful personality. We do not understand accounting at all and our Quickbooks were a total mess. Karen reconstructed them from scratch, got us straightened out and now we are a well oiled machine. We run everything by her just to be sure we're doing things right. She's meticulous, but not a micro-manager. She's patient with us, even though we know how frustrated we are, we can imagine she must be frustrated with us too, but she's not. She's patient, accurate, effective, using our resources wisely, works with us as a team member, and we just love her. We look forward to working with Karen on a continual basis. If you want the best in the business, go with Karen."

-Dr. Laura Pettler


4 / bookkeeping clean-up & automation

Still using paper or spreadsheets to track your business’s finances? Receipts and invoices piling up? Haven’t balanced your bank or credit card accounts in months, years, or ever? Let us help you get back on track! We can get your system caught up and running smoothly, so you can focus on the aspects of your business that you enjoy.